European Union Organic Framing

The EU organic farming logo on our products provides consumers assurance that the origin and quality of the food meet the requirements established in the European Regulation for organic food.



Our concern for the environment has led us to establish partnerships with organizations that care for the environment through recycling, ensuring that all our packages are properly recycled.


ISO 14001 Standard

With this certification we wanted to ensure the reduction of our impact on the environment by improving the use of resources, so our production processes and packaging are certified according to ISO 14001.


ISO 9001 Standard

We firmly believe in the importance of continuous improvement, therefore our production processes and packaging are certified according to ISO 9001.


BRC Food Certificate

It is very important for us to know our product at every stage, production, manufacturing and distribution. To do this, we implement control systems that identify situations that may affect the quality and safety of food.


IFS Standard

IFS Standards are internationally recognized auditing standards, which help companies to ensure that their products comply with the specifications defined by its customers, continuously improving the safety and quality of their products.